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Articles written by ‘Ricky’ No Longer Appears In Bing Search After IE 7 Tax

Recently Australian online shopping portal started imposing an extra 6.8% tax on users who are using Internet Explorer 7 or below to make their purchases. Termed the “Internet Explorer Tax”, hoped that this will force users to upgrade from the outdated browser and was applauded by many. Today there is a new twist…

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By Ricky

Fedora 18 To Be Signed By Microsoft For UEFI Compatibility

Mathew Garret of Red Hat, announced that Fedora 18 will be signed by Microsoft to ensure compatibility with systems with UEFI Secure Boot. As we had earlier reported, one of the requirements for Windows 8 certification is the UEFI Secure Boot. UEFI Secure Boot is a good idea from a security point of view as it prevents…

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By Ricky

Google Drive Finally Unveiled

The rumor surrounding Google Drive goes back a long time. After the initial rumors, nothing sort of happened and  just recently the rumor started again. Today, Google has finally launched the service. As expected, Google Drive allows users to store documents, photos etc. on the cloud and share them with anyone. However, unlike other services…

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By Ricky

Adobe Flash To Be Available Only On Google Chrome In Linux

Adobe has never provided proper support for Flash on Linux. In fact, they only introduced the 64-bit build of Flash in July last year. Today, they have announced that they will no longer release future versions of Flash on Linux – except as a part of Google Chrome. Since 2009, Google has been working together…

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By Ricky

Canonical Announces Ubuntu For Android

Today, Canonical has made a huge announcement – they are launching Ubuntu for Android. It is not the rumored Ubuntu for mobile but, in my opinion, even better. Ubuntu for Android is basically a full desktop Ubuntu running on an Android phones when docked. It is sort of similar to what Motorola’s Atrix does. Ubuntu…

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By Ricky

Chrome Browser For Android Released ( Review )

Google has released Chrome browser for Android. After using the app for a while, I have to say that it is absolutely fantastic. The only bad news is that it is available only for phones running Android 4.0 ( Ice Cream Sandwich ). Let us take a look into the features that Chrome for Android…

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By Ricky

Canonical To Stop Funding Kubuntu Development

As the title of this article says, Canonical has decided to pull the funding for Kubuntu – the KDE sister distribution of Ubuntu. This news was announced by Jonathan Ridell, the lead and only paid developer of Kubuntu. This is what Riddell wrote announcing the news: Today I bring the disappointing news that Canonical will…

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By Ricky

Study: iOS Apps Crash More Frequently Than Android Apps

iOS fans generally maintains that the iOS apps apps are better than the Android apps. However, according to a study by Crittercism, that may not be entirely correct. Crittercism’s study reveals that iOS apps crash more frequently compared to the Android apps. Of course, there are no hard and fast rules to determine which app…

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By Ricky

Windows Phone 8 Features Leaked

With the majority of the smartphone market share owned by Android and iOS, Microsoft has been having a difficult time with Windows Phone 7. The platform simply has not been able to make any dent into Android and iOS’s dominance. According to the leak by PocketNow, Microsoft is bringing tighter integration between its desktop OS,…

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By Ricky

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