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Google Reader Getting Google+ Integration And A Face-lift

Google Reader Getting Google+ Integration And A Face-lift

Many Google products are undergoing major changes. Recently products such as Gmail, Search and Google Docs had a redesign. Today, Google has announced that Google Reader too is getting a new design and will have tighter integration into Google+. Unlike the changes in Gmail, Docs etc. which was mainly cosmetic, the changes in Reader will…

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By Ricky

How To Install Ubuntu Tweak Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot

How To Install Ubuntu Tweak Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot

Ubuntu Tweak is one of the most useful and a must have application if you are an Ubuntu user. Although it has been a few days since Ubuntu 11.10 “Oneiric Ocelot” is available, Ubuntu Tweak for Oneiric is not yet available in the original PPA. That does not mean that Ubuntu Tweak is not available…

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By Ricky

With Ice Cream Sandwich, Android Is Going Open Source Again

Google has released the source code of all the versions of the Android operating system, until Gingerbread (Android 2.3). However, they did not release the source code of Honeycomb (Android 3). Google had said that Honeycomb is the exception and that the versions of Android released after that will be open source again. After the…

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By Ricky Has Been Compromised; Used To Server Malware Has Been Compromised; Used To Server Malware

According to reports from security firm, Armorize, has been compromised and the hackers are using the website to serve malware to unsuspecting users. The hackers are reported to have infected the website with JavaScript codes that redirects the visitor to another website which hosts what is known as the BlackHole exploit pack. The BlackHole…

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By Ricky

10 Million New Users Estimated To Have Signed Up For Google+ In Two Days

At the F8 event, Facebook has introduced so many new changes, including the amazing Timeline, that many started questioning if it means the end of Google+. Well, if recent data is to be believed, Google+ is far from dead – in fact it seems to be growing very fast. Four days ago, Google+ came out…

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By Ricky

All You Need To Know About The New Facebook Timeline

Day before yesterday, Facebook introduced a few changes. The changes did not go down well with a lot of users. Well, Facebook is introducing more changes again – huge changes. The new OpenGraph and Timeline are the most important changes that Facebook announced today at the F8 event. Both the new OpenGraph and Timeline are…

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By Ricky

Samsung Planning To Release Bada OS As Open Source

In the mobile phone industry, Samsung is quite well known for its Galaxy line of Android smartphones. However, Samsung also has its own mobile operating system called Bada OS. Samsung sells smartphones running Bada in Europe and Asia only. So, phones running the operating system is not as well known as those running Android. According…

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By Ricky

Windows 8 Certification Requirement Might Create Problem For Booting Linux

Windows 8 Certification Requirement Might Create Problem For Booting Linux

Microsoft has recently released the developer preview of Windows 8. Windows 8 represents a complete overhaul of the traditional Windows user interface and it has everyone excited and talking about it. However, there are certain aspects of Microsoft’s upcoming operating system that users should find worrying – especially those who support free and open source…

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By Ricky

Google+ Is Now In Open Beta – Invitation No Longer Needed

Almost three months after starting the limited field testing of Google+, Google has finally thrown the door open for everyone to join. During its three month of field testing, users could join Google+ only through invitation from someone who is already in. They occasionally opened the door but usually closes it quickly. This time though, Google has officially…

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By Ricky

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