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6 Best Free Delicious Bookmark Alternatives

By Debjit on December 18th, 2010 

Goodbye (Delicious) - the free social web bookmarking service from Yahoo! will be shut down soon. So what happens to your bookmarks now? How will you store your bookmarks on the web from now on? In this article we will tell you about 6  (six) awesome and free alternatives (browser specific as well as cross-browser) to the Delicious bookmarking service.

Cross Browser Compatible

Google Bookmarks - This a Web based Bookmarking service service from Google just like Delicious. All your bookmarks are listed in side Google Bookmarks as Private and no one can see them except you. Here is a Bookmarklet which you can drag to your Browser's bookmark toolbar and start bookmarking your pages to Google Bookmarks. You can also import your bookmarks.

Google Bookmark - Drag this to your browser toolbar and click to bookmark pages.

Diigo - After Google Bookmarks, Diigo is really a good contender for your replacement. Diigo lets you bookmark web pages easily on the web with the help of it's bookmark sync tools for a plethora of platforms like various web browsers and even the iPad, iPhone and the Android platform.

XMarks - It is a popular cross browser bookmarks sync service was on the verge of shutting down just a month back. But things miraculously changed for XMarks and it ended up getting acquired by Lastpass. Xmarks is available as extensions or add-ons for Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari and Android. Xmarks synchronizes bookmarks between computers and stores them on the web too!

Browser Specific

Google Chrome Sync - This browser bookmark sync service is available only to Google Chrome users. The Google Chrome Sync is a nice tool that lets you sync your bookmarks in the cloud (on the web to be simple). The synced bookmarks are stored in Google Docs, so if you do not have Google Chrome at some other computer, you can still access your bookmarks via Google Docs.

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Firefox Sync - Just like you have Chrome Sync for Google Chrome browser, Firefox Sync is a bookmark sync feature for Mozilla Firefox browser. You can download this Bookmark sync add-on for Firefox and get started instantly.

Opera Link - This browser bookmark tool for Opera browser lets you continually synchronize your Bookmarks, Speed Dial, Notes and other useful browser data between your computer(s) and mobile phones(s) but only in Opera. Start using Opera Link if you are a Opera browser user.

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