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Bing promises to change the current web search scenario

By Debjit on August 18th, 2009 

According to a Microsoft Survey, half of attempted search queries fail to meet consumer needs, and many people consider search results too disorganized. It has also been found that consumers are more interested in using the Internet to get things done, rather than to simply find some information. With all this in mind, Microsoft has come with a new age search engine or rather a decision engine, as they call it, which will help you to navigate through the irrelevant excess of information and lead you to a suitable and exact piece of information which you are actually looking for.

Microsoft promises a totally new experience in Web Search to the world through Bing with features such as delivery of great search results and one-click access to relevant information, creation of a more organized search experience and simplification of tasks and provision tools that enable insight about your key decisions while doing a research, or making a travel plan or may be while making an online purchase.

We bring you two exclusive videos that will help you have a insight into what kind of a new search engine are you actually going to have:

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Bing promises to change the current web search scenario was originally published on on May 29, 2009 - 10:04 pm (Indian Standard Time)