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By Debjit on July 25th, 2010 

Although internet businesses may be the most lucrative ones if executed properly, but these businesses too have a dark side! Since at the end of the day everything boils down to your hosting provider, unless you are as big as Google or Facebook to have your own datacenters. Talking about dark sides, - a blogging platform was recently shut down by it's web host Net Burst for reasons not known fully as of yet. was powered by's famous blogging platform and it's operations were very similar to WordPress's hosted blogging solutions. However Blogetery was a much smaller organisation with seventy three thousand active blogs on it's network before being shut down. It also had features that let bloggers monetise their content.

The website currently has a message on it's home page and all registered blogs saying that after being BurstNet customer for 7 months their server was terminated without any notification or explanation and they are trying to resolve the situation. Initially after the shut down, the issue seemed to be a DMCA request as there was not much information available. But things became much clear only after BurstNET - the web host provider of - released a statement on its website, revealing that they had to shut down following the request from one of the American Govt. agencies.

And all this issue was related to “a link to terrorist material, including bomb-making instructions and an al-Qaeda ‘hit list,’” which had been posted on one of the blogs. However there are reports about illegal file sharing being among one of the reasons for the shutdown.In services such as where the content is mostly user generated, it becomes very difficult for the service providers to keep an eye on everything that is posted on their platforms and issues like these will continue to plague service providers of user-generated content platforms in the future too!


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