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Google Chrome: New Releases Every 6 Weeks & Canary Builds For Early Adopters

By Debjit on July 25th, 2010 

If you are a Google Chrome aficionado, then this one's for you. Thanks to the new policy of the Google Chrome team, you can now expect faster updates and more frequent new release launches of your favorite Google Chrome browser. Plus a Canary build, which lets you see all the new features way before they make it to the Beta or the Stable versions.

Frequent Release Cycles

As the Chromium blog reports, there are three fundamental goals in increasing frequency of the new releases. First is to shorten the release cycle and still get great features very often to the users, the moment they are ready.  Second,  the team plans to make the release schedule more predictable and easier to scope. Last (but not the least), frequent new releases help to reduce the pressure on the engineering team rather than having them scratch their heads over one major release.

As Alex (of GOS Blog) puts it: It's clear that Google wants to decrease the interval between two releases from about 100 days to about 50 days. That means each release will include less new features and will be less important.

Canary Build For Early Adopters

Developers and early adopters can now make merry with the introduction of a new releases channel: Canary builds (currently available for Windows only). The speciality of Canary builds is that it is usually updated more frequently than the Dev channel which brings in higher risk of bustage and is not recommended for regular users.

You can install both Canary builds and Dev / Regular builds together on the same system and use them together at the same time too. Go ahead install the Canary Build toady and stay ahead of your colleagues and office dudes!



Google Chrome: New Releases Every 6 Weeks & Canary Builds For Early Adopters was originally published on on July 25, 2010 - 2:13 pm (Indian Standard Time)