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Get Amazing Discounts with

By Debjit on January 2nd, 2012 

Building on the popularity of discount deals in India, and the great bargains one gets when shopping in bulk from a neighborhood store, extends the concept to the online market. Initiating a new method of shopping online, customers can club two or more purchases into a single bundle and avail discounts on the bundle. The concept makes online shopping not only more exciting, but also a different experience.

Bundlebazi - Discounts on Bundles

Bundlebazi - Discounts on Bundles

The website is built on Magento, a PHP-based e-commerce application, and hosted on a LAMP server. In terms of features, BundleBaazi has a lot to offer. With extremely well negotiated deals available on the most popular brands, shopping on BundleBaazi can be a treat. In terms of interface, the website is a fun and easy to navigate, and has the sections well sorted out.

One can browse through products varying from books, electronics, apparel, baby and mom items, health, beauty and more. With the option of paying cash on delivery, the customer has complete freedom in shopping. Customers can choose the number and type of products they want to include in their bundle, and the attractiveness of the concept is immediately visible the moment they put two or more items in their bundle.

Since BundleBaazi is not just about a single item purchase, but bundling, the company has its own competitive niche and makes it different from other online shopping portals.

Interestingly, the website is privately funded for now, but is increasingly making its mark and trying to attract institutional capital now. According to surveys conducted by BundleBaazi, the website is being well-received and customers absolutely love the concept and freedom they have while shopping on it.

For now, the website has gotten off to a promising start and receive orders mostly from major cities in India. A key aspect in expanding the reach would be market it into other cities in the country and perhaps try and incorporate local deals to make it more attractive to customers in the future.


Get Amazing Discounts with was originally published on on January 2, 2012 - 12:15 am (Indian Standard Time)