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Cars for the people

By Debjit on July 8th, 2009 

Tata`s small car concept has been a kind of 'wow' even to the people who normally think low about Desis. Well, for me Tata`s Nano is yet another car forayed into the market well this time at a lesser price with features that even put the Maruti 800 to shame. The car obviously looks neat and has this Japan type of look. My cousin who was there at the Auto Expo, witnessed the launch Live. She mailed me some pictures. The entire thing was great. My views about Mr. Ratan Tata is really really very high.

Men like him are the ones who generate wealth in the society. Indicas, Indigos and now the Nanos, prestigiously Desi. Amass all this Nano-Tata hype, Bajaj`s launch of the prototype of their small car didn`t attract much attention. Yes, the Bajaj`s version of the car is called Hamara. Even, I came to about the launch, which happened a day before the Tata`s, on a desi blog which I frequent.

PS: Some blogs have even referred to the small car as OCPC which is analogous to the OLPC created by the MIT Media Labs.


Cars for the people was originally published on on January 1, 2009 - 8:49 am (Indian Standard Time)