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Cyfe Makes Web Stats Monitoring For Businesses Easy With All-in-one Web Dashboard

By Debjit on February 2nd, 2012 

A new app called Cyfe is now seeking to simplify business management and monitoring, by decreasing the time taken on compiling progress reports and helping companies pool in their resources to keep track of everything from one single page which they call the all-in-one business dashboard.

Multiple Dashboards on Cyfe

Multiple Dashboards on Cyfe

The basic idea behind Cyfe is that when businesses spend 80% of their time collecting data and creating reports, there needs to be a way of making the process easier. With its free basic services, Cyfe lets businesses monitor all their vital data from one location in real-time. With the Cyfe dashboard, all business metrics are available for view, essentially the dashboard gives a glimpse of your entire business without making you go through the hassles of downloading software, installing and setting up.

The service has excellent widgets to offer which are used by almost all businesses, such as Facebook, Twitter, Feedburner, Pingdom etc. and stats from all these are displayed in the dashboard. And it’s not just one dashboard we’re talking about. Businesses can in fact use multiple dashboards to monitor data from individual departments and websites that they might have.

Apart from the pre-built connections in the form of widgets, custom data sources are also available to extract data from the company’s internal databases. And not just this, dashboards can be shared with employees, customers and anybody else on the web.

Cyfe does have paid plans as well for those who require more than 5 widgets. The Free Plan is available for immediate sign up on the Cyfe website, but the Basic, Standard and Pro Plans are priced at $9, $29 and $49 respectively. And they offer 20, 50 and 100 widgets to subscribers.

For smaller businesses, the Free and Basic plans can work very well since 20 widgets are more than enough for them to monitor data. The Pro Plan is best for the large businesses with a bigger outreach and multiple departments to take care of. And compared to the quality of service offered by Cyfe, the plans are quite decently priced.

The service is available on and a quick look through the website reveals that the service is more than just business dashboards. Even websites can use Cyfe to monitor marketing and other metrics and so can agencies. Basically, Cyfe is perfect for anyone who is serving a respectable consumer audience and does in fact need reports to keep track of the business. Businesses, small or big must definitely give this web service a try.


Cyfe Makes Web Stats Monitoring For Businesses Easy With All-in-one Web Dashboard was originally published on on February 2, 2012 - 1:31 am (Indian Standard Time)