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Digitizor’s 25 Most Influential Games (Part-2)

By Ricky on September 8th, 2009 

This is the second part of Digitizor's 25 Most Influential Games. If you missed the first part, you can check it out Part-1.

In this part, we bring to you five more games which in our opinion have been the most influential out of the thousands of games out there. Okay then, here are the five:

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time


Ocarina of Time is the fifth game in The Legend of Zelda series to be released, but the story is set before the first four games. Target lock system and contex sensitive buttons, which later became common element of 3D adventure games, were introduced in this game. This game was the best selling game of 1998, with 2.5 million copies being sold, althoug it was released just 39 days before the year ended. In short this was one game that shaped the RPG genre for years to come.



Myst was a graphic adventure game originally released for the Machintos. The gameplay of Myst consists of a first-person journey through an interactive world. Although some considered this game to be little more than a slideshow, it was the best selling PC games untill The Sims overtook it. It is also considered as a killer application that accelerated the sales of CD-ROM drives. Many sequels and novels have followed, but none were as big a hit as the original.



I bet there is no one who has used any modern device like computer, cell phone etc. but have never played tetris. This is one game that has made it to almost every Operating Systems, game console, mobile phone,portable media players and even in oscilloscope. Originally designed byAlexey Pajitnov in June 1985, this game has spawned an uncountable number of variants. Tetris holds 9 Guinness World records, including one for "Longest Prison Sentence for Playing a Video Game".

Final Fantasy VII


This is the seventh game in the Final Fantasy series and was released in 1997 for the Play Station and 1998 for the PC. It was the first game in the series to feature 3D graphics. The game's graphics, gameplay, music, and story were critically acclaimed as one of the best. Final Fantasy VII is credited with allowing console role-playing games to find a place in markets outside Japan.

Super Mario Bros.


Who hasn't heard of Mario, the diminutive plumber with red overalls over a brown shirt? This was the game that was responsible for the success of the Nitendo Entertainment System and recovery of the video games industry in the US after the video game crash of 1983. One of the most praised aspect of the game was the precise control of the character, like how high they can jump and how fast they can run. Other acclaimed features of the game includes the number of characters and the diverse set of levels. This game is responsible of the number of the side scrolling games that followed it.

With these five games, we have now made it to 10 games. You can read the next parts of the series here: Part-3

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