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4 Things About Checkout / Payment Options for Your eCommerce Site

By Debjit on September 6th, 2013 

When you build your eCommerce site, one of the important things you will have to consider is what type of checkout options your site will feature. There are basic options where you just feature credit cards or you can integrate a third party purchasing option, like Amazon or PayPal. Additionally, you can create user accounts, have express options, and more.

Various e-commerce Payment Options

Various e-commerce Payment Options

With so many things to decide on, it helps to look at them closely to see which options you should feature on your page.

Payment Options

The payment options are the most important feature of your checkout page. You should offer as many possibilities as you can. Not only should you offer all four major credit cards, you should also consider integrating third party payment options like PayPal and Amazon.

The more options you provide a customer, the more likely they will find one they are comfortable using. If you have the capability, you can even consider invoicing and other options, although most companies prefer instant payment through credit card.

Third Party Payment Options

Third party payment options, like PayPal and Amazon, have additional options you can easily add to your cart, like PayPal express checkout. With this feature, your customers can easily use the data already stored in their PayPal or other third party accounts to quickly checkout without having to set up an account on your page.

You do want to make sure that you integrate it into your site correctly so that your customers will still be able to see shipping options and a final, detailed total before finalizing their payment. Have your page redirect to PayPal after all shipping and other options are finalized to ensure the total is correct before it goes off site.

Account Options

Another important feature for your checkout pages is to have options for both guest checkout and account creation in your checkout pages. Some people do not want to create yet another online account, especially if they are going to pay through a third party site like PayPal or Amazon.

Instead, they want to just easily go through the checkout process. Therefore, having a guest option is key. However, you should also have the option for a customer to set up an account.

They should be able to save information for the future to make it easy for them to checkout, like their address and even their payment choice. They can then do an express checkout through your site, just as they can through a third-party.


You should not forget that the layout of your checkout page is one of the most important features. You should have something that is simple and easy to use.

You can incorporate a multi-page layout, where customers visit a different page in each step of the process, from shopping cart to shipping option to payment option to completion.

However, you can also have all of this on one page. There are templates you can look at to decide upon the design and layout, but you should always put the emphasis on the ease of transaction.

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