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3 Ways To Keep Customers Focused in Media-Sharing Sales Strategies

By Debjit on March 27th, 2014 

The use of multimedia sharing on social media and through personal communications holds more possibilities than ever to expand marketing practices, but it can be questionable as to how effective they really are.

Balancing incorporation of new technologies with traditional sales strategies doesn’t have to be difficult, and in the end, is necessary to keep the message of your marketing strong instead of lost in gimmicks.

Youtube Video Media Sales

Youtube Video Media Sales

Release Content Daily

Particularly when marketing in social media communities, keeping your business at the top of timelines and feeds helps keep you in the front of your customers’ minds.

Daily content doesn’t have to be overly involved, but it does need to be tightly related to your brand. For instance, a camping store might post or pin high quality photos of national parks and other recreational areas.

Reinforcing the relationship between your product offerings and their real world applications reminds customers you are more than your logo.

Control the Impact of Your Video

According the Huffington Post, enterprise video conferencing has seen exceptional growth over the past year and a half, and total video consumed by company employees rises between 50 and 200 percent annually. Part of this popularity comes from the fact it is easier than ever to create and share video content.

Many experts have noted consumers suffer from information overload. You may find they have shorter attention spans, and refuse to spend long periods of time consuming media information. Video content has both advantages and disadvantages in combating this phenomenon.

Poorly constructed video with too much information crammed in attempting to tell the whole story of your brand or offering will cause customer focus to drift. Instead, keep videos to a single point, focus on visuals and large text, and make them short.

Don’t be afraid of close-ups and zoom shots to make your point obvious. End with a cliffhanger or other teaser, and then direct customers to your business site or other selection of brand content to find the rest of the message.

Spend Time on Curating

Images, videos, and other multimedia can become essentially lost to customers over time if they’re not organized. Navigation should highlight new content as you make it available, and should be detailed enough to let customers peruse your previous videos without trouble.

Make sure your viewing platform for customers allows them to view and share content without interruption; this includes on increasingly popular mobile devices, as studies are finding mobile users tend to stay engaged with multimedia content longer than traditional desktop viewers, meaning more focus paid to your marketing.

Keep your site and other content links handy on videos to optimize the experience for your mobile viewers, who might be willing to click but would have difficulty trying to type in a lengthy URL.

When directing traffic to your site from social media, make the path back to your social communities just as seamless. Use social media buttons to make it more convenient for customers to share content that they like on their preferred social media platform.

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