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Google finally smells competition from Bing, launches ‘Explore Google Search’

By Debjit on June 19th, 2009 

bing-or-googleAmidst all the heavy publicity that Microsoft is doing for it's new search engine Bing with help of Television Ads, twitter, facebook and what not, Google has already started feeling the heat. Till now, the way in which Google has presented things, there was never really a need for Google to market itself to consumers. But in the current scenario, where Bing is publicizing about it's features that are not necessarily unique to Bing, Google seriously needed to show the consumers that all that Bing is showing has already existed on Google Search.

To help this requirement, Google has launched the new Explore Google Search feature. A link to it is placed right on the Google Search page just below the search text box. This will help Google to make people aware of the many useful features available on Google Search.

Discover Google Search

On clicking the Explore Google Search link, you are taken to new page where you can see an array of things which you can do with Google Search, like Finding out a place's weather, time and Local Businesses. You can also you use it to track a flight or a shipment from UPS or FedEx. New in a city? You can use Google search to find out Shops, Movie Timings and Phone Codes. All this and more can be done with Google Search. They have also place a link to Success Stories sent by consumers and another link to the people behind the Google Search. Remember you can do all this using Bing as well as Yahoo!. Now as long as we have the competition, we are bound to get a better product, now be it Google or Microsoft.


Google finally smells competition from Bing, launches ‘Explore Google Search’ was originally published on on June 19, 2009 - 2:21 am (Indian Standard Time)