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[Eyecandy] Awesome Wallpapers For Windows 7 Phone

By Debjit on April 7th, 2010 

Here are a few very nice and appealing wallpapers for your Windows 7 Phones. Microsoft's Windows 7 Phone has Xbox Live and built-in Zune integration making it a multipurpose cellular cum entertainment device. The logos used in the wall papers have been taken from MIX10 session by Chad Roberts, Michael Smuga, Albert Shum.

Windows 7 Phone Wallpapers

The wallpaper has logos that clearly read "I Love Windows Phone" corresponding to each logo. There is one more wallpaper which says "We Love Windows Phone".

Windows 7 Pjone Wallpapers

The wallpapers are also available in Higher resolutions and can be downloaded from this Direct Link or this location (Mirror). Thanks Vasudev.


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