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KDE 4.7 Final Edition Released: Plasma Workspaces, Improved Multimedia

New icons in KDE Plasma

Last month we told you about the availability of KDE 4.7 Release Candidate which had some new features such as Grub integration with KDM, improved support for KWin on Mobile and other important performance improvements. The KDE team has now announced the availability of the final version of KDE 4.7. From the release announcement KDE…

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By Debjit

Download Angry Birds Theme For Windows 7

Theme for Windows 7 based on Angry Birds game

The Windows team has released a new theme for Windows 7 operating system based on the Angry Birds game and has some nice wallpapers featuring the pics and the various birds in the game – like the Red Bird, Yellow Bird, the Bomb Bird etc.

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By Debjit

Download Bing Maps Aerial Imagery Theme [Wallpapers Auto Update via RSS]

Bing Aerial Imagery Theme (wallpapers auto update via RSS)

Titled as the “Bing Maps Aerial Imagery Theme”, the wallpapers included in this theme are really amazing. They give you a breathtaking aerial view of the United States right on your desktop and auto-update via RSS.

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By Debjit

7 Amazing Sci-Fi Themes For Windows 7

7 Amazing Sci-Fi Themes For Windows 7

Make your Windows 7 PC a window into the future with these science fiction themepacks. We below present you 7 sci-fi themes for your Windows 7.

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By Debjit

Install Mac OS X Theme for Ubuntu 11.04

Who doesn’t love Mac OS X look. There are various tools to do it for windows and Linux. However, with Unity the choices available are not many. Fortunately, there are ways to turn your Ubuntu 11.04 to look like the Mac OS X.   This could be done by gekos Mac theme. Download this theme…

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By Debjit

Download New Windows 7 Themes: Kung Fu Panda 2, SmallWorld, Waterdrops

Download Windows 7 Kung Fu Panda 2 Theme

Microsoft has released three new Windows 7 Themes for users of which one is based on the upcoming movie Kung Fu Panda 2. Go ahead, download the themes and give a new refreshing look to your Windows 7 system! Kung Fu Panda 2 theme Prepare for the return of awesomeness! Download this free Windows 7…

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By Debjit

How To Get Back The Light Panel In Elementary Theme 2.1 [Ubuntu]

Elementary is one of my favorite themes for Ubuntu. However in a recent update, panel has been changed to a darker color. I loved the light color and do not particularly like the new darker color. Note: If you want to install Elementary, refer to this article. If you are like me and want to…

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By Ricky

5 Amazing Wallpapers From The Ubuntu 11.04 Submissions

As you may be aware, many of the wallpapers that ship with Ubuntu are user submitted. Till Ubuntu 10.10, only photographs are accepted. However in Ubuntu 11.04, the Canonical design team will also include three artworks submitted by users. There are plenty of very good submissions – and this is our selection of five of…

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By Ricky

Install Faenza Icons For LibreOffice [Ubuntu]

We have covered LibreOffice extensively on Digitizor. Recently a stable version of LibreOffice had been released and it has replaced as the default office suite in Ubuntu 11.04. However, if you have switched to LibreOffice and use the insanely populard Faenza icons, you would have noticed that it uses the same icon set for…

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By Ricky

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