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Facebook chat now on Meebo, officially!

By Debjit on July 26th, 2009 

Meebo has launched the Facebook chat integration again after Facebook had asked them to shut down their previous Facebook-meebo chat. This was because Facebook


wanted Meebo to connect to the fB network in a different way, that works with their log-in security protocol. This time the Meebo Chat is using the all new Facebook Connect to integrate their Chat with Facebook. The meebo blog says:

...Plus, Meebo is now the first launch partner of the “alpha” version of the Facebook Connect + Chat integration. That’s pretty cool. The method for connecting is slightly different than the other networks on Meebo, but it works basically the same way. You can login to Facebook from the front page or, if you have a Meebo account, login with your Meebo username and add Facebook as a network account from inside Meebo....

Among the many benefits of using the Facebook chat via Meebo are:



1) You get special status options like always idle and invisible which are not available on Facebook Interface Chat.
2) You can share links with your friends right from the Meebo Chat widget.
3) If you are a Yahoo messenger fan then, you can get Yahoo messenger like interface right from inside Meebo.

Check out these screenshots or directly jump to the Meebo+Facebook page.

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Facebook chat now on Meebo, officially! was originally published on on February 7, 2009 - 3:44 pm (Indian Standard Time)