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Farmville Creator Zynga Launches New Facebook Game: Cityville

By Debjit on November 19th, 2010 

Zynga is on a super expansion mode. Ever since their game Farmville has been a worldwide hit, the company has not looked back. Their games Farmville, Petville, Fishville and Mafia Wars are played by millions across the world. Zynga also launched a couple of it's games on Yahoo! platforms. And now in the same good spirits they have unveiled an all new game - Cityville.


Cityville is Zynga's third game launch this year. Cityville is all about the users which requires them to build a whole city and then run it through communicating with their friends who are also playing the game. How is it different from Sims? Yes it is, as users won't be just looking after their character, but also the whole city they build, and all the people and businesses in their city.

Cityville gameplay

This what Zynga has to tell about the game, Cityville:

“Your success in CityVille will be determined by your ability to balance the needs of your people with the business of running restaurants and business, even harvesting your own crops. When you’re good enough, you can even franchise your businesses to other friends’ cities.”

Cityville happens to be the first Zynga game which makes use of 3D rendering and has rotatable buildings. The gameplay also allows users to do a lot of changes and tweaks to the game board after proper permissions have been taken from the user.

Images & Tip via Telegraph


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