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MySpace Announces “Mashup With Facebook” – Allows Login Through Facebook

By Ricky on November 19th, 2010 


Today MySpace announced what they are calling “Mashup with Facebook”. With this partnership with Facebook, users can login to MySpace using Facebook or connect their existing MySpace account with Facebook.

This is an opt-in service and users who choose to connect their MySpace and Facebook accounts can have their likes and interests from Facebook imported to MySpace. Users who do not have an existing MySpace profile can also use this feature to create a new profile based on informations from their Facebook profile. MySpace is also planning to implement the Facebook Like buttons in their website so that users can share their entertainment interest to Facebook.

This is what MySpace CEO, Mike Jones, said:

We are thrilled to further our collaboration with Facebook through Mashup with Facebook. This new feature is a great illustration of our strategy around social entertainment and enabling the real-time stream. The stream is one of our most popular features on Myspace, and it is now delivering an even richer entertainment experience of relevant content for our users to enjoy.

Dan Rose, VP of Partnerships and Platform Marketing, Facebook had this to say about this partnership:

Sharing entertainment and music interests is part of many of our friendships, online and off. Myspace is giving people an easy way to bring their favorite bands, celebrities and movies from Facebook to create a personalized experience on Myspace from the start.

This means that MySpace is now moving away from being a social network to more of an entertainment portal. They have finally realized that Facebook has indeed passed them in social networks. This is a smart move from MySpace, they are trying to improve upon the one aspect where Facebook still has not passed them.

This feature is now active globally and you just need to go to to test it out.

You can read the full press release here.


MySpace Announces “Mashup With Facebook” – Allows Login Through Facebook was originally published on on November 19, 2010 - 3:00 am (Indian Standard Time)