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Fedora 14 Linux Released

By Debjit on November 6th, 2010 

Fedora 14 LinuxFedora Linux entered into it's 14th edition. This version of Fedora too continued the Fedora tradition of not being released on the initially announced release date. Well jokes apart, Fedora 14 is a rock solid Linux distribution and has some really good features.

Fedora 14 can be said to be a developer's release for the fact that it has updated versions of a lot of programming languages such as Boost, D, Erlang, Perl, Python & Ruby. Fedora 14 also has the newest version of the Netbeans IDE - Netbeans 6.9. GNUstep development environment has been included too.

Fedora 14 has it's entire code rebased to KDE 4.5 which means you can now enjoy all the latest features of the KDE 4.5 Plasma desktop. Among other things, Fedora 14 has the new gdb debugger that has been extended with new commands to make it easier to track down and fix excessive memory usage within programs and libraries. Spice, a complete open source solution for interaction with virtualized desktops has also been chipped in.

The design team has created some wonderful wallpapers for Fedora 14. You can check some of these wallpapers here. You can also try our Fedora 14 Reference Cheat sheet before you start using Fedora 14.

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