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Firefox 5 Enters The Beta Channel

By Ricky on May 21st, 2011 

As you are probably aware, Mozilla has recently adopted a new accelerated development cycle for Firefox. With that, they have created  a new Aurora channel and Firefox 5 has been in the Aurora channel for a while. Yesterday, Mozilla has finally decided to bring Firefox 5 to the beta channel.

Right now, Firefox 5 Beta is not that different from Firefox 4 - atleast on the outside. Mozilla however, claims that that Firefox 5 Beta has better CSS animation support and better performance of Canvas and Javascript.

Firefox 5 Beta also includes a channel changer. The Channel changer can be used to change between the Aurora Channel, the Beta Channel and the Release Channel. The release Channel contains only the stable releases - that is Firefox 4 for now.

Firefox 5 Beta also has a new memory monitoring interface which can be accessed by entering about:memory in the awesome bar.

In Firefox 5 Beta, the Do-Not-Track has also been moved to increase discoverability. This, of course, still relies on the participation of the advertising networks.

Linux users will also be happy to note that Firefox 5 Beta brings better desktop integration.

You can download Firefox 5 Beta from here.


Firefox 5 Enters The Beta Channel was originally published on on May 21, 2011 - 3:15 pm (Indian Standard Time)