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Google Aims To Speed Up Search With Instant Pages

By Debjit on June 15th, 2011 

Many new features were introduced at the Google's Inside Search Event aimed at the improvement of Google's search service. Among them is the Instant Pages which helps to accelerate the process of searching. It predictively preloads pages before users click on result links. So after inputting the search query, the search result pages will open up faster that before.

Last year Google had introduced the Google Instant feature which shows the search results as a query is being given to the search box. Instant Pages and Google Instant combined together will help users save between 4 seconds and 10 seconds each time they search for something on the web. So earlier if any page would take 5 seconds to load in an average case, with this feature the page will pop up immediately within fractions of a second.

The feature predicts the most likely result that a user will click on and preload the page. Initially when implemented the feature will preload the page that ranks first on the search results list. For now the feature is available on Google Chrome only. It will be made available this week in the next Chrome beta release which comes with a pre-rendering capability. (Note: Pre-rendering has been available in the development channel for a while.) In coming weeks the feature will also be rolled out to mobile devices.

Google has taken a lot of measures to improve the search service. At the same Inside Search event Google also introduced many other features which include voice search and search by image. These features provide new ways of creating queries.

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Google Aims To Speed Up Search With Instant Pages was originally published on on June 15, 2011 - 7:53 pm (Indian Standard Time)