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Google Chrome to be the default browser on Sony Vaio PCs / laptops

By Debjit on September 4th, 2009 

Google-sony-vaio-deal-chromeFor the first time ever Google has taken some bold steps to promote it’s browser – Google  Chrome. Google has struck a strategic deal with Sony to distribute the Chrome Browser with Sony Vaio PCs and laptops that are sold in North America. This is Google’s first such deal and is also one of the many efforts that the company is putting in to make the browser popular.

According to a press release from Financial Times, Sony is not only planning to ship Google Chrome as the default browser on the Vaio series of PCs and laptops but also set Google as the default search engine on the OS in the other browsers that may be present. This is again a part of the deal struck upon by Google with Sony.

Google Chrome which was launched almost a year ago has gained lot of popularity due to it’s new and innovative features. In spite of the popularity, it has not been able to get much of the market share for web browsers which is still led by Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. This deal will definitely help Google to boost the market shares of Google Chrome browser.

A web-aware audience has left a very intriguing comment about browsers that Web browsers are all about personal taste. According to him newbies will use Google Chrome because it is simpler, power users will use Firefox because it is the most configurable and the majority lazy-joes Will only Use IE.

Now only time will tell if Google Chrome is actually benefitted by this deal! If you have a say regarding this deal then you may leave a comment.


Google Chrome to be the default browser on Sony Vaio PCs / laptops was originally published on on September 4, 2009 - 1:15 am (Indian Standard Time)