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Google Earth Optimised for the Android Tablets

By Debjit on May 6th, 2011 

In Feb 2010 Google released its Google Earth Application software for Android-powered tablets. It was the fastest mobile version of Google Earth then. In addition, they had taken advantage of the integrated voice recognition capabilities of the Android platform to provide the best Google Earth experience.

With the recent release of tablets based on Android 3.0, Google wants to take full advantage of the large screens and powerful processors that this exciting new genre of tablets has to offer. In the process, they have gone for an optimization of Google  Earth , to make Earth look better than ever on the tablets.

Features added

  1. Support for fully textured 3D buildings to make the views more realistic than ever.
  2. A new action bar up the top - enabling easier access to search, providing option such as layer which helps one to  choose which layers he/she wants to browse.
  3. Photos Pop-ups can help you interact with the photos and provide new dimensions of viewing.

This optimized version is available for devices with Android 2.1 and above. T o download or update Google Earth, head to in your device’s browser and enjoy a new changed scene of Google Earth for your tablets.

To get a look on how the new avatar of Google Earth works -


Source : Google


Google Earth Optimised for the Android Tablets was originally published on on May 6, 2011 - 8:45 pm (Indian Standard Time)