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Google Squared – Your ‘Any Product under the sun’ Comparision Tool

By Debjit on November 6th, 2010 

google-squared-labsGoogle Labs has come out with yet another interesting and 'too good' product - Google Squared. Google Squared aims at reducing and cleaning out the clutter and untidy state of search results on the search page by structuring an organizing the information in rows and columns, spreadsheet style.

The search results are presented row-wise and the columns are presented on the basis of specific parameters and attributes of your search term with information accordingly classified and categorized into the specific cell. And the end result is a beauty. You can see it for yourself. In this article we will tell you how you can use this wonder product from Google as your One Stop Product Comparision Tool.

Google Squared from Google Labs : 'squared' results for 'laptops'Google Squared turns out to be a very practical tool for carrying out a comparison oriented search. The way it livens up the results with variety of information you can see for each product is just a beauty. We 'squared' for 'laptops', and here is what we got. As you can see, the end result is great, much better than traditional search result. Although it ended up showing some errors (bearing mind that this is a labs product, we believe that the final product won't be suffering from this kinda errors). "This technology is by no means perfect. That's why we designed Google Squared to be conversational, enabling you to respond to the initial result and get a better answer."

You can use Google Squared for any type of product search, like you can search and compare mobile phones, Televsions, Broadband Service plans from major ISPs and so on. Small businesses can use the Squared API (If it becomes available in the future), to build their own comparision tools for their customers to use.

Below we present you, yet another rocking episode of  The Digitizor TechShow. In this episode we will share with you some tips while you use The Google Squared as a product comparision tool. You can view the episode directly at our Show Portal.

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Permalink to Video

Go ahead , give it a try and do let us know what you feel.


Google Squared – Your ‘Any Product under the sun’ Comparision Tool was originally published on on June 4, 2009 - 11:20 am (Indian Standard Time)