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Google Sync beta – two-way sync between your Phone and Gmail !

By Debjit on September 26th, 2009 

sync_logoHere's another winner from Google, Google Sync, which lets you synchronize your contacts on the phone with your Google account.

Now, you won't have to worry when your phone gets lost! All your contacts would remain safe in the 'Contacts' in your Gmail. One important note for iPhone users, all your contacts and calendar entries would get deleted in this process, it is necessary for you to back up all your contacts and calendar before using Google Sync. The reason is that, Windows Mobile phones and iPhones can be connected to only one synchronizing account at a time, and Google Sync requires you to change the account, so when you set up a new account, all your previous contacts and calendar entries get deleted.

Notable features provided include-

  • Sync contacts on your phone with Gmail and vice-versa
  • over-the-air communication, updates within minutes
  • makes losing your phone less painful!

Most of the phones support Google Sync, to check if your phone supports it or not, check out Google Sync Help Center.

To use Google Mobile Sync with your phone, select the device on which you want to use Google Sync and follow the instructions.

Check out the official Google Mobile blog for more info.

The video below provides a nice overview of how Google Sync works.



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