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Google and Youtube video previews right inside Gmail chat

By Debjit on July 26th, 2009 


The GMail team has introduced yet another new feature to their Gmail version of Google Talk, i.e. Gmail Chat. Now, if you receive or send a link to a video in a chat message, you'll see a preview of the video right in your chat window. This feature removes the unnecessary copy pasting of the video links and opening them in a new tab and enables us to view the video right inside the chat window. Check the screenshot on the right.

Click the preview button inside the chat, and another window of same size will pop atop it and the video will play right there. In case youtube is blocked at your workplace, you could watch youtube videos this way. As youtube is blocked at my place too but surprisingly the videos are playing in the GMail chat.! Just check the screenshot on the right:

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Google and Youtube video previews right inside Gmail chat was originally published on on February 1, 2009 - 4:20 pm (Indian Standard Time)