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Hotmail Gets Hotter With 5: Facebook, Videos, Parcel, Photos & Folders!

By Debjit on September 24th, 2010 

Windows Live Hotmail is definitely getting hotter day by day. Just a couple of months back Microsoft rejuvenated it with a new UI and features. Hotmail has now introduced 5 more features to make your e-mail experience even better! One of the features being - Facebook chat inside Hotmail. We see this as a step taken by Microsoft towards killing their in-house Windows Live chat. Anyways, lets take a look at these new features of Hotmail.

Windows Live Hotmail

Track UPS, FedEx & DHL Parcels In Hotmail

Your Hotmail Inbox now supports parcel tracking. Emails that include a package tracking number will be automatically recognized by Hotmail and the the corresponding real time shipping status is shown to you right inside your Hotmail inbox.

Facebook Chat Right Inside Hotmail

Now you can chat with your Facebook friends from right inside Hotmail - Thanks to Facebook Chat for Hotmail! Two things that

Facebook chat inside Hotmail

Facebook chat inside Hotmail

come to my mind regarding this: Microsoft accepts they have lost it to Facebook when it comes to chat and why is MS killing their Windows Live chat by letting Facebook chat inside Hotmail.

Sharing Photos made easy

This new Hotmail feature will enable users to upload photos upto 10GB on their skydrive accounts and embed them in email and send it to friends or family. Although e-mail may have been one of the most used methods for sharing photos with friends and family but we think that is now changing with Facebook!

Videos embedded right inside Hotmail

Video inside Hotmail

Video inside Hotmail

Now you can watch videos that your friends might have mailed you, right inside Hotmail. Links to videos from Hulu, Youtube, Dailymotion & Justin.tvĀ  in your mails are now automatically embedded as videos, all this right inside your Hotmail.

Get organised with Hotmail folders

The new Hotmail lets you create folders inside of folders to manage your email making it easier to quickly find an important e-mail message that you may have read already.

More details and screenshots on the Hotmail blog.


Hotmail Gets Hotter With 5: Facebook, Videos, Parcel, Photos & Folders! was originally published on on September 24, 2010 - 10:49 pm (Indian Standard Time)