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How To Enable Automatic Login In Fedora Linux

By Debjit on April 27th, 2012 

Setting up Fedora 10 to log into our account automatically is very easy. You simply need to append a few lines to the file called custom.conf located in the /etc/gdm/ directory. Now, open the above mentioned file in a text-editor like gedit or kedit, and append these lines:


so that the configuration looks something like this:


Alternatively you could also try using the following settings, if the above do not work:


Unfortunately, no GUI is still available for GNOME on Fedora 10 to achieve this! You can see the screencast below to get a clear picture of the entire How-To:

[ ?posts_id=1735065&dest=-1]

In case, you are unable to play the screencast in your browser, watch it at its direct link:


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