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IBM outsources IT support to third party provider

By Debjit on December 6th, 2012 

IBM is one of the world's largest IT companies, but it recently revealed a new deal that will see its support outsourced. This means both staff and customers will be dealing with a third party desktop support service. What does this tell us about the growth of IT support firms?

IBM Logo

IBM Logo

IBM's international operations and reputation are to be respected, which also gives it the status of a trend setter in the business world outside of its specific sector.

This means that observers closely watch its actions and analyze its decisions to see how these might influence the wider market. When it comes to the procurement of third party IT support companies, this is particularly pertinent.

Outsourcing IT Support

It was revealed by The Channel this month that IBM has inked a new deal worth £40 million which will see its global services backed up by one firm, although other IT support companies are likely to be brought in to the mix further down the line. In fact IBM spokesperson Mark Thomas said that there is currently an ongoing consultation taking place in the UK so that the company can determine an appropriate support provider for its British operations.

IBM offers desktop support to small and medium enterprises as well as much larger companies, although there are questions over whether or not it was actually generating revenues that were solid enough to justify the whole endeavor. It now seems that it is outsourcing this concern in order to enhance its profitability and secure a better level of service for its employees and clients.

Wider Impact

Observers have pointed out that IBM's decision is not an unusual or unexpected one, since the logistical challenge of operating IT support can sometimes be overwhelming, even for large firms. As well as the obstacles that complicate matters, there is also the expense associated with hiring the staff necessary to deal with all the issues that can and probably will arise on a daily basis. This is why IBM and many other organizations are now choosing to outsource IT support to third party providers that are better equipped to tackle these issues and come out on top.

There are of course a variety of different options for firms seeking external IT support, not all of which will be appropriate. It is necessary to pick a package and company that is able to live up to the needs of your business and still stick within the realms of your available budget. Ideally you should be able to save money by using this type of service, since there will be no need for full time staff handling this area and you will be able to free up existing staff for other more pressing matters.

So, while IBM may not be leading the pack in this regard, it is interesting to see how the relationship between businesses and IT support is shifting as the market grows and more services become reliant on digital platforms and hardware.

About the Author: Simon Anderson is a writer and broadcaster who regularly makes contributions to tech sites and associated blogs across the web. He has also liaised with it support companies over the years and appreciates that the expansion of outsourcing is good for businesses of all sizes.


IBM outsources IT support to third party provider was originally published on on December 6, 2012 - 3:22 am (Indian Standard Time)