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IE9 Preview 7 Now Available For Download: Real World Site Performance

By Debjit on November 18th, 2010 

Internet Explorer 9Browsers are our gateways to all of the amazing websites out there on the Internet. All of these websites are different from each in one way or the other. Websites depend on many different browser subsystems to deliver amazing experiences to us - the users. To make user experience better, the IE team has been tuning the JavaScript engine for real world sites over the last few weeks. Based on this, an updated platform preview build (Version 7) for IE9 has been released for you to try.

Here is a video that demonstrates the changes that have been introduced as a result of the Real World Site Performance study that was conducted by the IE team.

Click here if you are unable to see the embedded video above.

According to the release post on MSDN blogs:

Real world websites use JavaScript to respond to user input, manipulate strings, and move objects around the screen, and much more. We looked at common patterns and made adjustments to IE9’s script engine.

You can try some of the experiments live on Earlier today we told you that a Mozilla engineer has uncovered something embarrassing for Microsoft – Internet Explorer might be cheating in the SunSpider Benchmark.  Lets hope this is not true and we get to see some amazing new javascript enhancements based on Real World Site Performance on the IE9

via MSDN Blogs, IE9 preview build 7


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