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Intel To Discontinue MeeGo Development?

By Ricky on September 5th, 2011 

Meego-logo When Moblin and Maemo were merged to produce MeeGo, there were high hopes of producing a truly open OS for mobile devices. (Android is not truly open.) However, according to reports from Taiwan-based website DigiTimes, the MeeGo dream could be over soon.

The MeeGo project suffered a major set back last year, when Nokia which had been playing a major part in the MeeGo development abruptly decided to pull out and switch to Windows Phone 7.

According to reports from DigiTimes, the other major company backing MeeGo – Intel – is also planning to pull out temporarily. According to the report, Intel wants to focus on hardware platform for Android and Windows Phone 7 platform.

Truth be told, despite all the initial promises, MeeGo has had no success yet. Nokia was supposed to be pushing MeeGo by producing smartphones powered by MeeGo. However, that has not happened as Nokia has completely pulled out of the project and has announced just one smart phone running MeeGo – the Nokia N9. There has been a few netbooks running MeeGo – and that is about it.

With Nokia out and no other smartphone manufacturers showing any interest for MeeGo, it is not at all unexpected of Intel as well to want to discontinue its involvement with MeeGo.Intel is calling this report a rumor and said that they will not comment on it. They also added that they remain committed to MeeGo and its other open source projects.

Tthe Linux Foundation is behind the MeeGo Project and Intel pulling out of the project will not immediately kill the project. However without funding from Intel, the future of the project looks very bleak.


Intel To Discontinue MeeGo Development? was originally published on on September 5, 2011 - 7:48 pm (Indian Standard Time)