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Linux Jobs Are Still The Hottest In The IT Sector!

By Debjit on February 24th, 2010 

linux jobsIf you are Linux geek and you Eat, Drink & Sleep Linux then you need not worry about getting hired. According to one Dawn M. Foster at Intel, Linux jobs are still one of the highest paid and glamorous jobs compared to other job avenues in the IT sector. Since Linux is something that not everyone likes to put to use, Linux professionals are less in number compared to other technologies and are also in high demand.

Here is some useful data from to justify the fact that Linux Jobs are still the hottest!

  • Red Hat and Novell SUSE professionals make 10% more than other IT workers with an average annual salary of $87,000 vs. $79,000 for other IT workers.
  • Linux job openings on were up by 5.5% during the last half of 2009, while jobs focused on other operating systems dropped.
  • California and New York were the two states with the most Linux job openings.

Among other things, the Linux Foundation also noticed the rising demand for Linux professionals and as a result they capitalized on the situation by opening a new job board on Well, In simple words - when you are in a bad economy, it's always nice to have some skills that are in high demand!


Linux Jobs Are Still The Hottest In The IT Sector! was originally published on on February 24, 2010 - 6:24 pm (Indian Standard Time)