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By Ricky on May 18th, 2010 

ELukup logover wondered if there had been a way to promote your content or run advertisements on a variety of consumer platforms such as desktops, social networks, mobile phones, televisions and the web at the same time? Your content can reach a huge mass if it is properly distributed across various Media Platforms. This is exactly what Lukup is doing with it's new platform which provides Cross Media Distribution of rich media apps and ads.

Quick History about Lukup: is a startup based out of Bangalore, India and has already got an investment of USD 1 Million from investors in UK and India (which shows in a way that Lukup's way of distributing content has a fair chance of making it big in the market). is founded and partly funded by Kallol Borah of HeadStart Ventures LLP. The product has been in development for about a year and is finally rolling out in beta over the next couple of weeks.

Lukup basically delivers rich media ads,  content and applications on a number of platforms like - social networks, mobile phones, desktops, televisions etc and also helps companies in making widgets, rich media etc. for the campaign.

How Lukup Works?

Here is a flow diagram that will help you understand how Lukup works:

How Lukup Works?

Who can use Lukup?

Lukup can be used by Content Creators, Publishers, Companies, Brands, Developers and more. Here is a quick list of how each of these can leverage the power of Lukup:

For Publishers:

  • Content creators and Publishers can get advertisers can make money by getting advertisers on lukup to serve rich media applications and interactive ads on their websites .
  • Distribute content in the form of applications on Mobile, TV, Desktops, Social Networks and the Web from one place.
  • Track all the discussing going about their content across multiple social networks.

For Advertisers:

  • Advertisers can run ad campaigns on Mobile phones, TV, Desktops, Social Networks and the Web from one place.
  • Advertising can be made more interactive and engaging to audience.
  • Monitoring brand engagement across networks and devices is easy with Lukup.

For Developers:

Developers can distribute their exciting web applications on Mobile, TV, Desktops, Social Networks and the web and monetize them all using simple lukup APIs. Developers can also take a look at the mobile phones that are currently supported by Lukup to build engaging web applications.

Lukup's Take On TV Advertising

Lukup currently supports content distribution and advertisements only on IPTV and HDTV platforms, though HDTV is still work in progress for the most part. On IPTV, lukup applications will be interactive in nature and users will be able to share them. However on HDTV, the content will generally be static and texts on video. As far as the cost is concerned, it will depend on performance of the ad/app- clicks, impressions, downloads etc. Lukup ads/apps will be pushed through the MSO's on to the set top boxes. Here is screenshot of how a Lukup app / advert would like on IPTV: ads / applications on IPTV

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