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Will Facebook Kill Good Old E-Mail With It’s “Send A Message”?

By Debjit on May 21st, 2010 

It is no more an unknown fact that internet - izens spend most of their time nowadays on the fastest growing social network of the world: Facebook! And the office bearers of Facebook make sure they get people to spend more of their Internet time ... on Facebook by having a number of useful features such as Applications, Games, Chat, Advertisements, Marketplace - the list just goes on. With more and more users joining the social network Facebook each day, we fear it may oust good old e-mail. Let us find out if it really can.

Facebook Messages doom e-mail

First let us compare the basic features that are provided by both Facebook Messages (a.k.a "Send A Message"):


Now Inbox is as we all know provided by every e-mail service out there. Facebook implements a similar feature too called Messages. However Facebook also has a separate Inbox for new updates called Message Updates which is actually good as it keeps all new messages under a new section altogether.

Sent Items

This is again something hich you will find in every e-mail service and Facebook too gives you a similar thing.Facebook Message Search

Mail Search

Facebook also provides a Message search at the top of the top right analogous to e-mail search.

Statistics say that Facebook has already surpassed Google in the US in terms of web traffic. Since it's an age where people want everything at one place and Facebook is a perfect place to communicate with each other. The best part of Facebook messages are that they give a more personal touch in terms of sending these messages. Facebook messages also supports sending a message to multiple recipients just as in e-mail services.

But Facebook messaging system lacks many important services such as the support for attachments, mail or message forwarding to other contacts among many. However the good part is you can send a Message in Facebook to anyone even if he / she is not your Facebook contact. Well, the speed at which people are adopting Facebook, the day is not far when people will even take to Facebook Messaging as primary email system provided the drawbacks with the system that we mentioned are implemented.

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Will Facebook Kill Good Old E-Mail With It’s “Send A Message”? was originally published on on May 21, 2010 - 12:01 am (Indian Standard Time)