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Microsoft, Not Facebook, Might Actually Buy Skype ?

By Debjit on May 10th, 2011 

Microsoft to buy Skype

Four days ago, we heard that Facebook was reportedly offering between $3 and $4 billion to buy Skype or talking to the company for a joint venture was at least sure worth $2 billion. But, it turns out that rumors have taken a great turn and now Microsoft is the one, who is really going to buy Skype. These sources are supposed to be more authentic this time.

Update: It has been confirmed that Microsoft has bought Skype for $8.5 billions.

The Wall Street journal is reporting Microsoft is paying near around $7-8 billion to buy Skype with a deal possibly to be announced as early as Tuesday. Skype would fit into Microsoft’s enterprise business as a communications hub for telephony, video conferencing, and online meetings. Microsoft will certainly be overpaying for Skype, which is a better fit for Google or Facebook. Microsoft, with the acquisition of Skype, would be surely looking for a big leap in terms of its internet position as Bing and Internet Explorer could stand as huge businesses.

One area where Skype can be a real success is Windows Seven Os-ed phones. Skype integrated into Windows Phone would be a powerful combination. It will surely provide an edge to Microsoft as Skype over Android and Apple's iPhone work pretty well and Windows Phones will be providing it too.

At a value close to $8 billion, the Skype deal would rank at or near the top of the biggest acquisitions in the 36-year history of Microsoft, a company that has not been in such large deals.

Source : Mashable



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