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Microsoft retorts back at its former Vice President Dick Brass

By Debjit on February 6th, 2010 

microsoft-logo1 We already informed you about former Vice President of Microsoft Dick Brass’s article in The New York Times where he accused Microsoft for not being innovative anymore. This article seems to have cause stomach-ache to Microsoft as it counters Dick Brass’s argument by saying that innovation is not only about ideas but also about its ability to make a broad impact in the world and Microsoft has succeeded in doing that.

Mr. Frank X Shaw (Current VP - Corporate Communication at Microsoft) wrote at the Microsoft Blog – “At the highest level, we think about innovation in relation to its ability to have a positive impact in the world. For Microsoft, it is not sufficient to simply have a good idea, or a great idea, or even a cool idea. We measure our work by its broad impact.” 

He talked about ‘ClearType’ and the fact that it is being shipped with every copies of Windows is a great example of ‘innovation at scale’. He further pointed out that Microsoft does take Tablets and Office seriously and OneNote is a burning example of that. Commenting on Xbox he said that it was the first console to bring 1080p HD gaming, Internet apps like Facebook, Twitter to living rooms. Also Project Natal (to be launched later this year) will be first to bring controller free gaming to the world.     

Pretty strong points, don’t you think ? But somewhere down the line we feel (and we believe most of you will agree to this) that lately (read : since the dawn of Netscape) Microsoft has been loosing the innovation touch. And this incident asserts that fact.

You can read full article here.


Microsoft retorts back at its former Vice President Dick Brass was originally published on on February 6, 2010 - 1:44 am (Indian Standard Time)