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Microsoft’s FREE Anti-Virus now available for Download [BETA]

By Debjit on June 23rd, 2009 

morro-logo-windows-security-essentialsMicrosoft is now really going after each every software giant in the industry. First they let lose Bing, which has already made the climate hot for Google. And now it is the anti-virus market. We have already told you of Microsoft's plans about launching a FREE anti virus which people can use. And now they have done that. Yes, the FREE anti-virus from Microsoft is now available for download.

Termed as Microsoft Security Essentials (codenamed MORRO), this anti-virus is now available to download and that too, FREE. This is like the first time Microsoft is giving away some very important computer software for free. The anti-virus can be downloaded from or from You can see a  screenshot below:


According to LiveSide, downloads will be stopped once 75000 downloads are completed. It is a 4.73 MB download and is available in USA, all asian and Europian countries, unlike the fact mentioned of the website that it will be available in select 3 - 4 countries. Some noteworthy features of Windows Security Essenstials include automatic updates and upgrades, no useless alerts and consumes very less amount of RAM.


Microsoft’s FREE Anti-Virus now available for Download [BETA] was originally published on on June 23, 2009 - 11:23 pm (Indian Standard Time)