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4 Ways To Move Big / Large Files Between Employees In An Office

By Debjit on February 11th, 2014 

Although it probably isn't a topic that garners much discussion during office meetings, transferring files from employee to employee, and between departments is a major issue for many organizations. Finding the right mix of services and techniques all depend on how your business operates.

How to Move Large Files among Employees In Office

Large corporations often invest in specialized services, while smaller companies get by with a blend of ingenuity and clever uses of resources. Regardless of how you plan to approach the problem, taking note of your options can never hurt when your organization is ready to open the discussion on file storage and transfers.

In the Same Building

If your employees need to to move files, both large and small, between terminals in the same building, several options are available. USB flash drives can handle most daily transfers with relative ease. However, the size and scope of this hardware is often limited when compared to other alternatives.

External hard drives offer a much larger amount of storage when compared to their USBĀ  counterparts. This additional space does come with slightly more setup time in some instances. Also, both options are limitedĀ  significantly when discussing expanded coverage. Although mailing data on a hard drive or USB stick is possible, it is far from effective in regards to expedience.

Cloud Services

While physical options may be convenient, trying to send big files across thousands of miles to distant employees can be a logistical nightmare. To combat this issue, many organizations incorporate cloud storage services to handle the upload and sharing of massive files and collections of documents.

These service providers offer public and private servers that handle authentication and retrieval requests for data. As long as your employees have a stable internet connection and the proper credentials, in the case of a secured server, access is often fast and easy. As your space requirements increase, budget accordingly for increased fees and pricing.

Smaller Parcels

If the size of the document or file in question isn't an issue, but location and regional concerns are still abundant, some free services
may be acceptable solutions. Single files or small groupings can be adequately handled by email transmissions, as well as some instant messaging services. Depending on the frequency of transfers, these options may not offer a fluid approach to the problem.

Clunky interfaces and differing email accounts can all cause issues with this format. However, for selective use, few options are as cost effective as using free alternatives.

Special Circumstances

The nature of your industry or business can lead to significant adjustments with your approach to communications and transfers. Security concerns may inhibit your use of certain avenues. To thwart intercepted communications and potentially vulnerable storage techniques, many organizations are turning to encryption tools and services.

These products encode your data and files in such a manner as to be unintelligible to third party interlopers. To decipher and unlock this information, access to decryption software or a special key or token of authentication is required. For added security, consider services that add encryption to your email, cloud storage, or other methods of transfer.


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