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Multiple Inboxes – Another neat Gmail feature

By Ricky on July 26th, 2009 

Google really is on a roll as we had already covered in the story about Google Latitude earlier!!

gmail_logoNow they have added a neat and useful feature called "Multiple Inboxes" in Gmail. If you like to organise your mails by creating labels and filters, this is a very useful feature. Basically what it does is create multiple view panes inside your inbox with mails under different labels displayed seperately.

Here is what my Multiple Inboxes enabled inbox looks like:


To enable Multiple Inboxes, go to Labs under Settings,  scroll down to Multiple Inboxes, enable it and save it.


By default two panes, Starred and Drafts, are enabled. You can change this by going to Multiple Inboxes under Settings. (It will be available under Settings after you have enabled it from Labs). Now enter the label you want to  display in Pane 0-5. Note that the labels should have been created beforehand. You can also set the maximum page size of the panes and its location here.


You can give feedbacks about this feature here. You can also see what others say about this feature.


Multiple Inboxes – Another neat Gmail feature was originally published on on February 6, 2009 - 7:10 am (Indian Standard Time)