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MyTwitterWeighsATon – Analyse your twitter word count !!

By Ricky on November 27th, 2010 

mytwitterIf you are a avid twitter user, you might have wondered what you tweet about most. MyTwitterWeighsATon is an online service which can help you do exactly that. (I know the name is a mouthful. Didn't they have any other names? ) MyTwitterWeighsATon gives you an analysis of what you have been twitting about of late. Its a free service and all you have to do is enter your twitter username and make sure that your account is public. MyTwitterWeighsATon uses some algorithm so that similar words like "fishing", "fish", "fished" are grouped together.

What uses can we hope to get from this service? Well, as they themselves mentioned it, none. Its has no practical utility but, hell, its fun to see what we or someone has been tweeting about mostly.

We used MyTwitterWeighsATon for Digitizor and it looked like we have been posting a lot about Google and Twitter. If you want to see the result, click here.

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