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OpenDNS Publishes Its 2010 Report – Facebook Is The Most Blacklisted Website

By Ricky on February 3rd, 2011 

There is no doubt that OpenDNS is one of the largest third-party DNS service available. They claim that they resolve 30 billion DNS queries everyday - that is 1% of the total DNS queries in the world.

OpenDNS also has a DNS Filtering service. It allows parents, schools, offices etc. to block certain contents. OpenDNS supports different types of content filtering, such as

  • Blocking content by category - This will block every website in the selected category.
  • Blacklisted websites - This will block some particular websites while allowing access to the rest of the websites in that category.
  • Whitelisted websites - This will allow access of some particular websites when the category it belongs to has been blocked.

In their 2010 report, OpenDNS has included some statistics which makes for quite an interesting reading. One of the most interesting thing is that the most blacklisted website is Facebook. It is blocked by 14.2% of the OpenDNS users - quite a huge number and a long way ahead of the second most blacklisted website, MySpace.

Another interesting thing is the presence of three adult websites in the list. This means that quite a few networks using OpenDNS allows adult content in general, but blocks these particular websites. This probably has to do with bandwidth issues as these are video streaming websites.

Here is the top ten most blacklisted websites:

  1. —14.2%
  2. — 9.9%
  3. — 8.1%
  4. — 6.4%
  5. — 2.3%
  6. — 1.9%
  7. —1.4%
  8. — 1.3%
  9. —1.2%
  10. — 1.2%

The report also includes the top ten most blacklisted websites for business users (that is in offices). This list is a subset of the above list and unsurprisingly social networking websites dominate the list. With 23% of the offices blacklisting it, Facebook yet again is the most blacklisted website in offices as well.

The most surprising entry in the list is however Orkut. Orkut is generally considered to be dead. Yet, it is blocked by 2.1% of the networks and comes sixth in the list.

Are you surprised at all by these numbers from OpenDNS? Or is there any website which you expected to see on the list but is not there? I invite you to discuss in the comments.

You can see the PDF version of the OpenDNS report here.

[source: OpenDNS via: Huffington Post]


OpenDNS Publishes Its 2010 Report – Facebook Is The Most Blacklisted Website was originally published on on February 3, 2011 - 3:31 pm (Indian Standard Time)