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Pithos – Best Client Player For Linux

By Debjit on January 24th, 2011 
Pithos Pandora Logo

Pithos - Best client for Linux

Pithos is a Linux based client for the GNOME Desktop for the online music platform: Although there is a official Flash based Linux client for but it is a RAM hog and does not leave you with a tasteful experience. There is another client called the Pianobar but is only for the command-line.

Among all these, Pithos proves to be the best desktop based Linux client for and has support for media keys and song notifications.

Pithos Homepage:

Here is a list of some very nice features of Pithos:

  • Play / Pause / Next Song
  • Switching stations
  • Remembering user name and password
  • Cover Art
  • Thumbs Up / Thumbs Down / Tired of this song
  • Notification popup with song info
  • Launching song info page and station page
Pithos - Linux client: Screenshot

Pithos - Linux client: Screenshot

Pithos also has other amazing features such as it reconnects to when a session times out. It also lets you edit your QuickMix lists and create custom stations. It has support for web proxy and also lets you scrobble the tracks that you listen on to

Find out how to install Pithos in Ubuntu & Debian.


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