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Baltimore, Maryland as the co-ordinates for RailsConf 2010

By Debjit on April 24th, 2010 

Railsconf, the Official event for the Ruby on Rails community, co-presented by Ruby Central, Inc. and O'Reilly Media, Inc., will take place over a span of four days starting from 7th June 2010 at Baltimore, Maryland. Railsconf is the largest official conference for the Ruby community.

RailsConf - Ruby On Rails Conference

Rubyconf is a platform for the Ruby enthusiasts to deliver their innovative ideas and also discuss the problems with the best brains of Ruby on Rail. The most innovative and successful Rails experts and companies will be showcased onstage. The attendees will get hands-on and in-depth guides for learning how to best employ Rails in a variety of situations, and also they will hear about the latest updates from the Rail team.

The conference welcomes people not only from the IT domain, but also tech savvy entrepreneurs.  The cost of attendance varies from $195 to $995 depending whether you register early or you register on spot. The procedure of registration and the packages that are included can be found out at- . The list of the sessions at the conference can be located here . Please keep an eye on the list; the sessions get updated every day.

The conference will also witness a Ruby Heroes Award Ceremony. This year six Ruby Hero Awards will be given to those people who have impacted the Ruby community, but have not received the recognition they deserve. Such people can be nominated at

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