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[Warning] Do Not Install Root Uninstaller App On Your Android Device

By Ricky on July 3rd, 2011 

Root_Uninstaller Root Uninstaller is an Android app developed by Android Text which lets users freeze and unfreeze apps. Freezing apps is kind of like uninstalling an app – Android will treat the app as uninstalled - except that the app is still there and can be unfrozen anytime the user wants. Freezing apps can be useful if you do not want some pre-installed apps but are not sure if removing them will cause any problem or if the apps are not available in the market.

The Root Uninstaller app comes in a free version and a paid version. Here is the kicker – the free version allows users to freeze as many apps as they want but allows them to unfreeze only three apps. If you want to unfreeze the other apps, you have to buy the paid version. Of course it is mentioned in the description of the app but I still this is an unethical thing to do in my view. If the developer wants to limit the number of apps that can be unfrozen, the same limit should be put on the number of apps that can be frozen.

Uninstalling the app does not revert the frozen apps. The only way normal users can get back the frozen apps is to pay $2 and buy the paid version of the app.

After going through the comments that people have left, it seems like the unfreeze limit was not always there. It seems to have arrived with an update.

Root Uninstaller is scamming people into installing a free version of the app, and then holding their phone hostage and forcing them to pay up. Google should do something and ban such apps.

If you want a better app that can freeze/unfreeze apps, check out Titanium Backup. It offers a free version which allows you to freeze and unfreeze as many apps you want.

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