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Set Bing background images as your Desktop Wallpaper

By Debjit on December 30th, 2009 

bia-logoBing search engine (read: decision engine) uses some really nice background images to provide a sober look to  the search engine. These background images come from the lenses of famous photographers and are hand picked by Bing team before they make it to the website. The best part about these images are that they change daily and these images are so nice that they really deserve to make it to your Desktop as Wallpapers.

bing image archive screenshot

But finding out these images daily by viewing the page background at the Bing website is really hectic. Instead what you can do is, head over to the Bing Image Archive (This is not a Bing Team project). As the name suggests, all the images that appear daily on the Bing Search Engine are automatically archived into a nice album that lets you pick images from a plethora of available Bing backgrounds. (Check the screenshot above).

In case you want to automatically download the back ground images from and set them as your desktop wallpapers or change them at regular intervals on your Windows systems, then you should take a look at Bing4Free.


Set Bing background images as your Desktop Wallpaper was originally published on on June 10, 2009 - 9:06 pm (Indian Standard Time)