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Shrunked – Shrink your image before uploading

By Ricky on November 27th, 2010 

firefoxIf you upload pictures regularly, you would know that it is not always necesary to upload large images. It is not really worth it waiting for a 3000px image to uplaod when all that the site will display is, say, 800px. We can always use an image editor software to resize it and then upload. However, this may be cumbersome if a many pictures are to be uploaded.

In such cases, we can use Shrunked. Shrunked is an extension for firefox which lets you resize the image before uploading. When it detects that an image is being uploaded, it prompts the user with the resize option.

Currently, it is available only as experimental add-on and works in Firefox 3 and 3.1. It is also available for Thunderbthunderbirdird 3 betas. Since it is still in experimental stage, you are required to login with an user account to download.

To download Shrunked for Firefox, click here.

To download Shrunked for Thunderbird, click here.

To visit the homepage of Shrunked, click here.

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Shrunked – Shrink your image before uploading was originally published on on March 10, 2009 - 12:11 am (Indian Standard Time)