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Skype VoIP over 3G finally coming in iPhone & iPad

By Ricky on February 4th, 2010 

A few days back we wrote about Apple unlocking VoIP over 3G in its new iPhone Developer SDK and hoped that Skype VoIP over 3G will be available soon. Well, now Skype has announced that they are planning to enable VoIP to work over 3G, on the iPad and iPhone.

This is what Skype's Peter Parkas said:

Many of you have also been asking when we'll release a version which allows you to make calls over 3G – the holy grail of Skype on the mobile, if you like. We've had a 3G-capable version ready for some time now, but Apple's current restrictions mean that they won't allow us to make it available on the App Store for the moment.

Last Thursday, Apple introduced the iPad, which we’re very excited about here at Skype. David Ponsford, who features in the video above, and his team are reviewing the device and its specs, and you can expect to hear more from us about Skype for iPad in due course. What does this have to do with calling over 3G? The SDK (Software Development Kit) which Apple provides to developers like Skype has been upgraded for the iPad. The new version, 3.2, removes the restrictions on calling over 3G, which is great news.


Skype VoIP over 3G finally coming in iPhone & iPad was originally published on on February 4, 2010 - 5:38 pm (Indian Standard Time)