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Spokify – A KDE Client For Spotify Is Finally Coming [Video]

By Ricky on April 6th, 2010 

So far there has been no proper Spotify client (atleast to my knowledge). Sometime back we had shown you how you can install the Spotify client for Windows in Ubuntu using Wine. Very soon, you may not need to use Spotify in Linux that way. A new KDE client for Spotify, called Spokify, is being developed.

Spokify is not yet available as a release candidate yet. But it is clearly on the right path. Currently, Spokify can search, load your playlists, filter, load and show covers. The filter option is not available in the official Spotify client for Windows and Mac.

Rafael Fernández López has made a screencast explaining the current progress of the Spokify project. So, instead of writing about the progress and features that Spokify has, see for yourself in thevideo given below.

Spotify: Spotify is a proprietary peer-to-peer music streaming service and application software from a Swedish company. It allows instant listening to specific tracks or albums, with virtually no buffering delay.

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Spokify – A KDE Client For Spotify Is Finally Coming [Video] was originally published on on April 6, 2010 - 2:34 am (Indian Standard Time)