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Swift 2 AVAudioRecorder Settings – Fix Ambiguous Without More Context Error

I was working on migrating the codebase of Yellr App from Swift 1.2 to Swift 2.0 and ran into this weird error that looks something like this: Type of Expression is ambiguous without more context This kind of error is generally thrown by XCode in Swift 2.0 when you do not specify the data types…

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By Debjit

Is Apple Throttling Performance Of Web Apps In iOS?

According to developers and tests carried out by The Register, there is a very serious performance difference when web apps are launched from the iPhone home screen and when they are launched from the mobile Safari browser.

 Apple   iOS   News  

By Ricky

Who Is Roy Castillo And Why Is He All Over Facebook?

Who Is Roy Castillo And Why Is He All Over Facebook?

Earlier today, we wrote about Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s page being hacked. As if that is not enough for the day, something very weird is happening again in Facebook. It seems like a lot of people are seeing a status update from a complete stranger named Roy Castillo. UPDATE: Well, this is suspected to an…

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By Ricky

Buggy X Drivers Blocking Hardware Acceleration In Firefox For Linux

Yesterday, Mozilla released the ninth beta of Firefox 4. It has a lot of improvements both in the UI and performance. One major new features added in this release is hardware acceleration. Hardware acceleration uses the GPU whenever it is possible instead of relying solely on the CPU. This can give a performance boost for…

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By Ricky

Google Apps Bug Lets You Make Free Voice Calls To the US [UPDATED]

While Google is busy squashing bugs on Chrome, they have also introduced some in Google Apps! Recently there has been a lot of updates by Google Apps team. In the most recent update on Google Apps, they have integrated nearly all the Google services with Google Apps.

However, this one is about a bug in the Google Apps services that actually lets you make free voice calls to the US from some other country. (India in our case)

 Google   News  

By Adam

Android Bug Sending Texts To The Wrong Person

Android Bug Sending Texts To The Wrong Person

A bug in Android’s text messaging app has been found which sometime sends texts to the wrong person. It seems like the bug has been present since June 2010 and has not been fixed yet. This is a pretty embarrassing bug for Android. It is not immediately known how widespread the problem is. I have…

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By Ricky

AVG Update Puts Windows 7 PCs In Continuous Reboot Loop [How To Fix]

AVG Update Puts Windows 7 PCs In Continuous Reboot Loop [How To Fix]

An update from AVG on Wednesday night forced all 64 bit Windows 7 systems into a continuous reboot loop. The bug has affected both the server and desktop versions of the 64bit Windows 7.

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By Debjit

How To Fix Gwibber Bug Of Not Updating The Twitter Timeline

How To Fix Gwibber Bug Of Not Updating The Twitter Timeline

I normally use Kubuntu rather Ubuntu, so although I have been using Lucid since the day it was released, I have never noticed a rather annoying bug with Gwibber in Ubuntu. In my Ubuntu installation, Gwibber updates only the replies to me on Twitter and not the timeline. At first I thought it must be…

 How-To   Linux   Tips & Tricks  

By Ricky

‘Grub’ bug hits Ubuntu 10.04, ISOs to be respun

For those of you who are anxiously waiting for Ubuntu 10.04 LTS a.k.a Lucid Lynx to release today, might have to wait for some more time. Why? Because a bug in GRUB2 has managed to creep through into the final release of Lucid Lynx. There has been a series of events in last couple of…

 Articles   Linux   News   OS  

By digitalcoconut

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