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Three Cloud Based Operating Systems You Can Try Out Today

By Ricky on May 20th, 2011 

With the launch of Google's Chromebook just around the corner, cloud based operating systems are the talking point right now. Google's Chrome OS certainly has made the term Cloud-based operating systems very popular, but it is not the only option available. In this article, we look at three cloud-based operating systems which you can use right away.

Chromium OS

Chromium OS is to Chrome OS as Chromium browser is to Chrome browser.

Chromium OS is the open source version of the Chrome OS. Chromium OS has most of the cool features that you will see in Chrome OS, but some of Google proprietary codes will be missing. Chromium OS does not have some stuff from Chrome OS such as verified boot. Otherwise, it is also an operating system with just a browser.

Screenshot of a rather old version of Chromium OS


The Chromium development team do not release any binaries, although the source codes are available. So, if you want Chromium OS, you can compile it on your own or use Hexxeh's builds.

Using Hexxeh's Chromium OS build is much easier and I recommend that option. You can download it from here. Installing it is not difficult and anyone who has installed Linux should be able to do it. Just keep in mind that it wipes out your hard drive.

Jolicloud OS

Application launcher on Jolicloud


Jolicloud has been around for quite some time compared to Chrome OS. Formerly known only as Jolicloud, the operating system part is now known as Jolicloud OS and the cloud part is Jolicloud.

Unlike Chrome OS, which is basically useless when there is no internet connection, you can continue using Jolicloud OS without an internet connection as it supports installation of local applications.

True to its name, Jolicloud OS have an interface based entirely on HTML5. You can install web applications on it and it will run them using Chromium. Like Chrome OS, Jolicloud OS syncs between your different systems. A very interesting feature is that even when you do not have your Jolicloud machine, you can still access your Jolicloud using a modern browser and manage it.

For those who like the idea of cloud but do not want to switch over to it entirely like Chrome OS, Jolicloud is a very good option.

You can download Jolicloud OS from here.

Pepermint OS

Actually, it would not be right to call Peppermint OS a cloud based operating system. A better description would be "an operating system with a cloud focus". It is not that much different from any other Linux-based operating systems - except for the fact that it comes with a lot of web apps installed. Unlike Jolicloud OS, the web apps in Pepermint OS are powered by Mozilla Prism in Pepermint OS.

You can download Peppermint OS from here.

image credit: Chromium OS Pepermint OS


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